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Looking for retake the economic increasing, after have a reduced participation in the GDP during recent years, all the segments that correspond to the industry wait that Brazilian economic uncertainties turn to an economical improvement, stimulating this important market towards national economy.


From this oscillation in the segment, appears the necessity of being more and more flexible in the expansion or reduction of an operational plant. All this applied to the peculiarities of each segment that corresponds the national industry.


Metallurgy and Siderurgy

Very important for Brazil, the segments of metallurgy and siderurgy still suffer with the national economic oscillation. However, although the uncertainties, the companies of the segment believe in positive projections for the next years. This makes that they need flexibility to store its raw material and to establish a logistic park that distributes the production.



The retaken of the growth of the Mining in Brazil, between 2017 and 2018, makes that the companies, who correspond to this important segment of the national economy, need to prepare themselves for a growth foreseen for the next years. Therefore, the necessity of suppliers that offer lasting partnerships and the best solutions in flexible infrastructure, is more and more required.


 Oil and Gas

The retaken of the rounds of the bids in 2017, and the increase of the consumption of gas and other fossil fuels, as the oil, shows an increasing of the segment, that fallows with positive projections for the future, and keeps a planning of expansion to the next years. Thus, the companies that are starting now need to be worried about the most different challenges of infrastructure.


Pharmaceutical Industry and Cosmetics

In different situations, with positive projections, as much the pharmaceutical industry as of cosmetics both are extremely important for national economy. Brazil is the sixth greater pharmaceutical market of the world, with possibility to go up plus a position up to 2022. The industry of hygiene and beauty grew more than the economy of the country in recent years, but still it feels the effect of the Brazilian instability. However, either to more grow or to be flexible at a moment of instability, both segments are looking for formats that reduce the fixed cost and increase its yield.

How flexible infrastructure can help my industry?
  • Storage of raw material
  • Storage of finished products
  • Area for production line


Estrutura treliçada


Citacao do cliente

“Value a well-done job is good! And thus, I would like to thank and congratulate Tópico, regarding the commitment and dedication regarding the assembly of the shed at Nestlé, the team donned the shirt and represented Tópico in a brilliant way, always seeking excellence in its activities, promoting safe behavior, and delighting the client.”

Citacao do cliente

“We want to congratulate all the team with regard to the engagement with security practices, and to the commitment with the life.”

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