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Conheça mais sobre os Galpões Lonados Tópico

Os galpões Tópico são adaptados à realidade do seu negócio, entregando para sua empresa a flexibilidade, economia e sustentabilidade necessários para sua operação logística.

Diferenciais da Tópico


    Infrastructure with flexible layout according to demand, through strong engineering projects.


    The best payback on storage and coverage solutions.


    Fast assembly through high performance teams to meet the agreed deadlines.


  • 1st

    place in the flexible infrastructure category

  • +2.5

    millions of m² installed

  • 40

    years of experience in the market

  • +1

    million of square meter moved per year


Citacao do cliente

“Value a well-done job is good! And thus, I would like to thank and congratulate Tópico, regarding the commitment and dedication regarding the assembly of the shed at Nestlé, the team donned the shirt and represented Tópico in a brilliant way, always seeking excellence in its activities, promoting safe behavior, and delighting the client.”

Citacao do cliente

“We want to congratulate all the team with regard to the engagement with security practices, and to the commitment with the life.”

Citacao do cliente

“Helpful staff and open to suggestions. Everyone complied the safety policies and cared about the quality of the service.”

Citacao do cliente

“We chose Tópico as a partner because it met our expectations regarding the product sought by Magneti Marelli Systems, and also for the flexibility to develop new products according to the emergence of client’s requirement.”

Citacao do cliente

“I already knew Tópico products and services by having used them in other companies. The products offer strength, safety, quality, easy installation and we do not need any documentation from public agencies, and, primarily, they offer great cost-benefit. The installation and maintenance services are always made on time. And, most important: we could always count on the partnership of Tópico team. “

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