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Tópico Zeta

It is the best option for who needs an extremely fast type of storage, in reduced space areas and with lesser investment.



Vão de 10m – Zeta
Tendas acopladas com vão 5m cada – Zeta
Tendas acopladas com vão 15m cada – Zeta
Tendas acopladas com vão 10m cada – Zeta
Tendas acopladas com vão 15m cada – Zeta


Industry of Paper and Cellulose

The company had limitation of space in its area and needed to find a solution in short term to store its main raw material, thus the Tópico Zeta solution complied quickly with the challenges of the client. Some pyramids format had been connected guaranteeing an area of agile and functional storage.

Automotive services

Increasing significantly the capacity of attendance without needing to invest in new and complex installations that was the challenge of a net of automotive repairs company, so when we installed the Tópico Zeta solution, with dimension of 8 × 8, the client accomplished the increasing of capacity desired for them.

Living Area

A great industry had as demand to prepare an external living area for its collaborators and had found in the Tópico Zeta solution, with dimension of 8 × 8, with all the convenience, versatility and low cost to create an area that employees seats and tables of games to collaborators use for fun and rest.


All the Tópico solutions, besides constructed in canvas, also can be applied in Zinc, in the Plus Platform. This modality offers greater thermal comfort, less maintenance and greater safety.


  • Covering in impermeable canvas with treatment anti-UV and anti-mildew.
  • Possibility of coupling for increase of the area.
  • Tubular structure galvanized by fire with plug-in system and setting.
  • It has not foundation and is adaptable to all types of floors.


All projects follow the Technical Responsibility Note (ART-CREA) and the ABNT certifications.

100% mountable structure, allowing transportation to another location or plant.

Modular structure, allowing to enlarge or reduce the size easily and quickly.

Simplified foundation, eliminating construction costs and ensuring agile assembly.


Front Measure Height Central Height
5 m x 5 m 4,5 m 5,95 m
8 m x 8 m 4,5 m 7,65 m
10 m x 10 m 4,5 m 7,20 m
15 m x 15 m 4,5 m 8,70 m


  • Avancê (awnings)
  • Gutter
  • Stopwatch System
  • Window sanete - natural ventilation
  • LED / Steam Lighting
  • Top and bottom seals
  • Partitions
  • Thermal liner


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Cliente TODO

“We want to congratulate all the team with regard to the engagement with security practices, and to the commitment with the life.”

Cliente TODO

“Value a well-done job is good! And thus, I would like to thank and congratulate Tópico, regarding the commitment and dedication regarding the assembly of the shed at Nestlé, the team donned the shirt and represented Tópico in a brilliant way, always seeking excellence in its activities, promoting safe behavior, and delighting the client.”


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