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Tópico Beta

Ideal for those who need a flexible infrastructure option that is cost-effective and fast to implement, Tópico Beta project is suitable for those who need a framework for shorter periods.



Vão de 30m – Beta
Vão de 40m – Beta
Vão de 10m – Beta


Automobile Companies

The company leading in vehicles sales in Brazil needed a temporary solution for storage of raw-material and components to meet a peak in its demand.

The Tópico Beta project was the ideal solution to meet the challenge of the client in a short period.


A company reference in industrial logistic demanded a solution to shelter equipment and machinery, so this client could count on the efficiency and flexibility of project. That project offered much robustness and a skyline system that benefited the internal temperature of the shed, circulation of air, excusing the pollutants concentrated in the internal environment.

Sugar and Ethanol Plant

To follow the harvest of one of the greater sugar producers of Brazil, the word-key is flexibility, and it was what the Tópico Beta project offered, beyond its low investment and fast assembly, so the client could count on the solution to store bags, increasing considerably its productive capacity.


All the Tópico solutions, besides constructed in canvas, also can be applied in Zinc, in the Plus Platform. This modality offers greater thermal comfort, less maintenance and greater safety.


  • Coating on canvas or zinc.
  • Multi access settings.
  • Lattice structure galvanized by fire.
  • Project adaptable to all types of floors, if they are aligned.


All projects follow the Technical Responsibility Note (ART-CREA) and the ABNT certifications.

100% mountable structure, allowing transportation to another location or plant.

Modular structure, allowing to enlarge or reduce the size easily and quickly.

Simplified foundation, eliminating construction costs and ensuring agile assembly.

Sheds with free gaps , without internal columns, making better use of space.


Front Measure Height Central Height
gap of 10 m 5 m and 6 m 7 m and 8 m
gap of 15 m 5 m and 6 m 7,80 m and 8,80 m
gap of 20 m 5 m and 6 m 8,80 m and 9,80 m
gap of 25 m 6 m 10,60 m
gap of 30 m 6 m 11,60 m
gap of 40 m 6 m 13,20 m


  • Avancê (awnings)
  • Gutter
  • Eolian System
  • Lightning Protector System
  • Sanete window - natural ventilation
  • LED / Steam Lighting
  • Top and bottom seals
  • Emergency door
  • 10 m door
  • Pedestrian access door
  • Partitions
  • Thermal liner
  • Rainwater harvesting system


TODO alt
Cliente TODO

“We want to congratulate all the team with regard to the engagement with security practices, and to the commitment with the life.”

Cliente TODO

“Value a well-done job is good! And thus, I would like to thank and congratulate Tópico, regarding the commitment and dedication regarding the assembly of the shed at Nestlé, the team donned the shirt and represented Tópico in a brilliant way, always seeking excellence in its activities, promoting safe behavior, and delighting the client.”


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