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Optional and Accessories

The options of accessories become the shed most functional and can help in the economy of financial and ambient resources.

– Translucent Ceilings: this covering allows to greater incidence of solar light in the interior of the shed, reducing the expenses with electric energy.

– Rainwater harvesting system: structure that allows you take advantage of the natural conditions to reduce costs with water.

– Electric Lighting, ventilation, protection against electric discharges, gutters and much more.

– Modules to connect: all our sheds use modular system, that easily allows the increase of the shed in modules of 5 meters.

– Partition: our partition can also be installed in canvas walls to facilitate the enhancement of the place, moreover we have also options of windows (with or without netting) and doors.

– Thermal Lining – it helps to reduce easily the temperature of the ambience.


Área de Convivência

Uma grande indústria tinha como demanda preparar uma área de convivência externa para seus colaboradores e encontraram na solução Tópico Zeta, na dimensão 8×8, com avance (toldo), toda a praticidade, versatilidade e baixo custo para implantação da área que abriga assentos e mesas de jogos para diversão e descanso dos colaboradores.


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“The high level of professionalism of Tópico, ally its continuous attention with the security guard questions and prevention of accidents, have been determinative for the success of this partnership with the ArcelorMittal. Our gratefulness and congratulations to the company for the agility and quality of product and services.”


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